Thursday, February 15, 2007

Is CNN Anti-Gun?

In Cambridge Minnesota, a 77 year old farmer chased off a pair of gas thieves with a shotgun. To me, this is a prime example of the advantages of a firearm. An older, weaker victim was able to protect his property from younger thieves. He never fired the shotgun (as it turns out, it was not even loaded) and called the police while chasing off the thieves.

The CNN headline for this story:

According to CNN, protecting your property is vigilantism?

The headline from The West Central Tribune:

Gas thief supports farmer who chased him with shotgun

From what I have told you of the story so far, which is the more accurate headline?

The district attorney for this case might lean towards the CNN version:

A retired farmer who was charged with felony assault for wielding a shotgun near a gasoline thief got support from the thief as he pleaded guilty to stealing gas and a car radiator.

The initial charge was felony assault. Can you believe it? Felony assault for chasing off a thief. Now do you understand why Castle Doctrine laws are so important?

The charges have been reduced:

The charge against Englund on Monday was reduced to two misdemeanors, pointing a gun at another person and disorderly conduct.
What is funny about this case, is that even the thief has more common sense than the district attorney:

Smith, 28, was sentenced to 90 days in jail last week by Isanti County District Judge James Dehn. As Smith entered his guilty plea, he spoke out in support of Englund.

"I don't think he should be held responsible for, you know, anything involving any of these issues," Smith said. "I committed a crime and, you know, he did what he probably thought was right to ... resolve the situation."

According to a court transcript, Smith said that, in addition to paying restitution to the owner of the property, he would like to do "whatever I can" to benefit Englund.
Smith may be a gasoline thief, but he has more integrity than CNN.

Hopefully all charges will be droped against Mr. Englund.


Fits said...

Ah yes, Minnesota. Land of the free, home of the brave. A senior citizen defends home and hearth and the loons want him behind bars. Is it any wonder I stopped clicking into Powerline where we could ALL chip in to buy them a clue and they'd STILL be incapable of getting it. Sorry for the hijack, but whenever I see ANYTHING from MINNY-HA-HA it reminds me of how the big blogs could care less about the 2nd Amendment.

Dave said...

With assholes like the D.A. and of course C.N.N. (and the rest of of the left brigade) it's a wonder that anything ever gets accomplished anymore. You say a joke, you get fined or jail. You look at someone, "the wrong way" you get fined or jail, and now the enviro-nazi's have just about killed off any last remnant of enjoyment in life.

John R said...

I agree Fits, the big players, either on the net or radio, ignore or minimalize RKBA issues.

It is getting harder there Thunderstick, pretty much everything we enjoy is becoming regulated.

Fletch said...

I was sure I misread where this took place, after I finished the post. This took place in AMERICA?!

the pistolero said...

CNN and every other major media outlet is indeed anti-gun, and the bigger right-wing bloggers couldn't really care less about the RKBA, just as Fits said. Michael Bane once observed that the "social conservatives" seem to view us as the crazy uncle in the closet, and a lot of times I can't help but agree with that.

Anonymous said...

"Michael Bane once observed that the "social conservatives" seem to view us as the crazy uncle in the closet, and a lot of times I can't help but agree with that."

You agree with what? That we're the crazy Uncle in the closet? Because I have a feeling my nephews would readily agree with that ;)

the pistolero said...

You agree with what? That we're the crazy Uncle in the closet?

Oh, no! I meant that I agree with his observation that the social-cons think of us that way. My little toddler nephews might think me crazy when they get older, but one never knows. Uncle Pistolero's gonna teach 'em right. ;-)