Sunday, February 11, 2007

Sunday's Blog of the Week

This week's Blog of the Week is Blue Star Chronicles.

Beth, the author of Blue Star Chronicles, is an articulate and well informed blogger. As the title of the blog indicates, Beth is a member of a Blue Star family and writes from that perspective. Her commentary on William Arkin and his contempt for our troops (William Arkin and the American Soldier) is right on the money. Another excellent article is her commentary on Anna Nicole Smith, Beth sees more in Anna than most.

As Beth writes about our military from the point of view of a family member, she gets more than her fair share of trolls and outright venomous diatribe from the dredges of our society. She handles this venom well.

An example is her reply to a Serbian who made the mistake of calling our soldiers vermin:

BSC: Christal - you are in Serbia and probably muslim (judging from you insistence on insulting America and our military). If you aren’t muslim, than your resentment of America and the military is undoubtedly because your country can’t fight their way out of a paper bag. I don’t give a damn what you think of the United States or our military. I am curious though as to how you can call our military vermin when it is your people who murder women and children without prejudice, who behead civilians with a dull kitchen knife and make sure they video tape it so they can use it for propaganda.
I highly recommend that you give Blue Star Chrnoicles a visit. While you are there, give her some support in the comments sections, she deserves a smile.


Anonymous said...

I am so honored!! Thank you so much!

You are too kind. I've fallen behind and haven't slammed any 'vermin' trolling around in a few days.

Anonymous said...

BTW - that Christal person didn't come back after that comment! lol

Carl said...

Congratulations Beth! You create and maintain a mighty fine blog which I enjoy reading often. Way to go!