Sunday, February 25, 2007

Sunday's Blog of the Week

I figure most of the folks who visit A Keyboard and a .45 know Oleg Volk. If not then you should get acquainted.

First you should check out A Human Right, then browse his image galleries and spend some time visiting with the folks over at The High Road.

Oleg's firearm related posters are a thing of beauty, as is all of his photography. I have used several of his images in earlier posts.

What some people may not know is that Oleg also has a blog.

Here is an image he posted last week:

Click to Enlarge

What is interesting is that Oleg took comments from the peanut gallery and utilized them in the poster. If you are interested in what is going on with Oleg, then check out his blog.


Fits said...

Not to be a contrarian, but I don't like many of Oleg's offerings. I applaude the attempt but shy at the sophistication, although the poster you included does have merit.

Different strokes for yadda yadda.

John R said...

I am horrible at photographing firearms, really bad. So I am impressed with Oleg's ability to capture the image.

The lack of sophistication makes the concepts portrayed by his posters easy to understand. The anti's use catch phrases, Oleg uses images that can be very compelling.

Fits said...

He gets an A for effort regardless.

Anonymous said...

I am still learning. Advise me on improvement or beat me at my own game. I can't do everything perfectly.