Sunday, April 13, 2008

An Absolut Alternative

Last week Pernod Ricard stepped in it with their "In an Absolut World" ad campaign in Mexico that indicated that in an Absolut World Mexico would still own the American Southwest. Quite a few folks have decided that in the Real World, Absolut Vodka can say goodbye to the American market.

Cowboy Blob has a rundown of brands sold under the Pernod Ricard umbrella, brands that will no longer be served in the JR household

If you are a Vodka drinker, may I suggest an alternative.

SKYY Vodka

In 1848, the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo officially ended the Mexican-America War (1846-1848). With the signing of this treaty, the United States gained control of what was to become the Golden West, including California, Arizona, Utah, Nevada and parts of Colorado and New Mexico. Today, SKYY® Vodka, the number-one vodka produced in the United States, spoke out against suggestions by Absolut® Vodka to disregard that treaty, as well as the joining of Texas to the Union in 1845, as depicted in Absolut’s recent advertising.

“Like SKYY Vodka, the residents of states like California, Texas and Arizona are exceptionally proud of the fact that they are from the United States of America,” said Dave Karraker, SKYY Vodka. “To imply that they might be interested in changing their mailing addresses, as our competitor seems to be suggesting in their advertising, is a bit presumptuous.”

In the ad, an “Absolut World” is depicted where the map of North America is re-drawn with Mexico claiming much of the Western United States, negating the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, as well as the Gadsden Purchase (1853), and the independence of Texas (1836).
How's that for taking advantage of the competitions screw up?

I don't often drink Vodka, but a bottle of SKYY is soon to have a spot in my liquor cabinet.

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Anonymous said...

Just a few tidbits of information for you to ponder....Absolut is not yet owned by Pernod Ricard, but by Vin & Spirit, and it is they who have put out this advertisement. Next time, before you go condemning a company, you should make sure you have your facts straight.

John R said...

Pernod Ricard closed the deal with V&S on 3/31/08.

Pernod Ricard has debt responsibilities and cash flow benefits related to V&S starting on 1/1/08.

Pernod Ricard paid €5.626bn for V&S. Do you honestly believe that Pernod Ricard was not consulted on major ad campaigns during this time frame?

Anonymous said...

Pernod Ricard's offer was accepted on 3/31, that deal is not closed, nor have they had any financial exchange, where do you get your information? The advertisement you are speaking of obviously took some time to put out, do you think that they could call back all the magazines after they have been put out? It only takes common sense to realize that if Pernod Ricard wanted to put a stop to that ad, it would have been too late.

John R said...

As you are commenting from an ISP owned by Allied Domecq-Spirits & Wine, a Pernod Ricard Company, I will have to assume that you are more in the loop on this transaction than I.

I received my data mainly from the Pernod Ricard website.

I would personally prefer to not boycott Pernod Ricard products as Pernod is an important ingredient in my Oysters Rockefeller.

The ad campaign supporting the reconquista of the Southwest United States was not just in poor taste, it was a betrayal of the American customers who are responsible for a significant portion of sales.

I will make a clarification post this evening pointing out that Vin & Spirit is responsible for the ad.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your honesty, and I must say you have shown great maturity. I only hope the people of the United States of America will be able to get past this blunder made by Vin & Spirit and not hold this against Pernod Ricard, which is a very respectable company.