Friday, April 04, 2008

Absolut-ly Disgusting

I saw this over at Knowledge Is Power, and thought that it had to be a photo shop. No company that has the American customer base that Absolut Vodka has would ever run with an ad campaign such as this one.

Then I find that Michelle Malkin on the same ad campaign that covers both print ads and bill boards.

This is Absolut Crap, how's that for an ad campaign?

Note the similarities between the Absolut map, and the proposed map of Aztlan by the Reconquistas


This is the vision of MEChA, La Voz de Aztlan, and others.

For Absolut to use this map in an advertising campaign in Mexico... I can't find the words.

It is time for another Boston Tea Party, but this time the party is in all 50 states, and this time it is Abslout Vodka that is being dumped.


Anonymous said...

Note the even closer similarity to the 1835 map of Mexico:

John R said...

That is an excellent map. Thanks for the link.

I understand that is what the reconquistas want to reconquest.