Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Update on the Slayings at a Fort Worth Birthday Party

From the Star Telegram:

By Deanna Boyd

We know a little bit more about the goblin -
A 21-year-old gang member...
And some more about the firearm used -
Homicide Sgt. J.D. Thornton said police are still trying to determine who Davila was targeting at the apartment in the 5700 block of Anderson Street when he repeatedly fired a laser-sighted rifle toward the residence...

As the man walked away, witnesses noticed a red dot following his leg and realized that he was carrying a rifle at his side. One witness described it as an SKS rifle.
In the midst of all the panic, there was at least one heroine -
Annette Stevenson, 48, was pronounced dead inside a bedroom where she had herded several of the children and ordered them to get down. She had gunshot wounds to her breast, back and thigh, according to an arrest warrant affidavit.
This grandmother did what she could to protect her babies from this gang banger goblin. We should do what we can to destroy these violent gangs. Amongst the gangs, punishment is quick and severe. That is the way society should be treating violent gang members, with a quick and severe punishment. How is probation and soft time a deterrent to gang members who are used to much more ruthless punishments within their own gangs?

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