Saturday, April 12, 2008

Rule #1

Rule #1 - Every firearm is loaded.

Notice that I did not say "Treat every firearm as if it were loaded". NO, every firearm is loaded. Do not act like a firearm is loaded, believe it. Until you check personally, visually and by feel, that a firearm is unloaded, it has a round in the chamber and is ready to discharge.

We see it in news reports all the time. A negligent discharge occurs, a person or property is damaged, and the idjit holding the firearm says: "I didn't think it was loaded".

Handle your firearms safely until safe firearm handling is instinct. When you first pick up a firearm, check the chamber. Before handing a firearm off to another person, check the chamber. When being handed a firearm, check the chamber. When opening the box of a new firearm for the very first time, check the chamber?

From the San Francisco Chronicle:

A rifle manufacturer asked arms dealers nationwide to make extra safety inspections after discovering it had accidentally shipped four guns loaded with live ammunition.

Henry Repeating Arms, a maker of lever-action rifles like ones used in the 1860s and 1870s, said a thorough round of inventory checks revealed no other loaded weapons.
Every gun made by Henry Arms is test-fired before it is sold, a common practice in the industry. The rifles are then supposed to be checked to make sure no rounds remain, but Imperato said an error allowed a few guns to be distributed still loaded for the test firing procedure.
Make it a habit, check that chamber.

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Justin Buist said...

Had some gunny friends over to my place a couple of years ago and we were passing about pistols. Six guys, six chamber checks every single time a gun went 'round the room.

Safety first.