Friday, April 04, 2008

State Funded Sedition

I have been chuckling to myself all week over something I noticed while I was at the dealership purchasing V's Jeep.

There was a young couple waiting for a decision on financing for the new car they chose. The young lady was slightly overweight and white. The young man was Hispanic and seemed to carry quite the chip on his shoulder. It was the way this guy was dressed that has had me laughing all week.

He was wearing a long sleeved Tee with an image of Che on it and the words "Viva La revolucion". He was also wearing a brand new pair of Tommy Hilfiger carpenter pants, a nice pair of Air Jordan's, and quality sunglasses. I'm sure Che would have appreciated his trendy style and his capitalistic ways. What an idjit.

I mention this because while I was looking for a better map of Aztlan for my previous post, I found something that was not quite so humorous.

San Diego State University

This is the banner for The Department of Chicana & Chicano Studies at San Diego State University. No indoctrination going on there, nope, none at all.

Just think; local, state and federal tax dollars support this subversive course of study. This is not localized to California State Colleges. The University of Texas has a heavy MEChA presence in all of it's branches.

Just when did sedition become en vogue?


Fits said...

We haven't held Congress long enough at any one point in modern time to get around to frying these SOB's.

BobG said...

I once referred to a kid wearing a Guevara t-shirt as "Gay for Che" and he got real upset with me.