Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Fits Gets Letters

Fits answers the question:

"All of the internst forums are full of ways to learn how to shoot a gun...can you receommend a gun and the right grips and holsters and how do you tell if it fits you?... who is a good teacher that teaches the basics of how to draw then shoot and how the best way is to do it?
Head on over and see what Fits has to say, it is advise well worth listening to.

I would only add that after you achieve a bit of competence, improve you skills by competing against others.

A recent post by Chris goes into some detail on double taps and controlled pairs:

Watch the video clips, you will learn a lot.

I never thought I was shit hot with a hand gun, competition taught me that I have a ways to go to get even as good as I thought I was.

If you have a firearm for protection, it is your responsibility to know how to safely and effectively use that firearm. Read, practice, get instruction and train. If it comes down to it, your family will be glad you did.

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