Monday, April 21, 2008

An Economic Stimulus Package...

...courtesy of the Barnett Shale. This evening V and I signed the papers leasing our mineral rights to an oil and gas company for the production of natural gas. It took a bit longer than expected as the property is solely in my name, and Texas is a community property state. Some paperwork had to be modified as V needed to sign as co-owner for the lease.

Two weeks for the Title search, then I'm thinking a Ruger LCP for me and maybe an SP 101 for V.


Fits said...

The only things under my property are arrowheads...can't plant a rose bush without hauling up arrowheads...and mastodon bones. Since it is off the beaten path, we get requests from University-types looking to dig and believing that we'll just say sure,why not, so they putter around before asking.

I'm thinking of starting my own collection. Lots of room in the cellar.

John R said...

Finding arrowheads and mastodon bones would make gardening much more interesting.