Monday, April 14, 2008

Local Goblins Using Old Ruse

Hey Buddy, you got the time?

How do you react when a stranger asks you the time? Asking the time is an old ruse used by goblins to distract you so that they can get an advantage. You look down at your watch, you look up into the barrel of a gun or at the edge of a knife.

A couple of local goblins are using this ruse with a small variation.


Mesquite police said they are looking for two armed robbers who are preying on people's kindness.

Three robberies happened in Mesquite parking lots on the east and west sides of the city in a matter of 45 minutes, police said. Investigators said one man would approach the victim in a parking lot and ask for directions, and then the other would run up and rob the person at gunpoint.
A video of the goblins can be found here.

It is a shame that we have to look at any stranger approaching us in a parking lot as a potential goblin, but that is the way of the world these days.

Stay safe out there.

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