Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Laughter, the Best Defense?

SayUncle linked to an anti-gun article in The Feminist eZine that was so off kilter that I thought it could have been a spoof on anti-gun sentiment. The scary thing is that it is not, the author believes what she wrote.

The author is either a) seriously uninformed or b) a an outright liar.

Subverting Feminism for Guns is an attempt at discrediting an unnamed pro-gun web site. The images they reference are definitely Oleg Volk, but I am not sure who they are quoting.

The article ends with this advice for women facing a rapist:

Frankly the best tool against a rapist is laughter. Men can't stand it when you laugh at their equipment. Call it a combination of dick-envy and male ego, but men get really upset when you laugh at their pathetic private little pistol.
I very sincerely hope that this author has little or no influence over other young women. Advice like this will get someone killed.

Case in point. The police have just captured one of our local serial rapist. I commented on this goblin in my post "Safety Tips For Women".

From The Dallas Morning News:

By Tanya Eiserer

It took nearly three years of investigating, cross-county collaboration, and the fortitude of victims to nab a man suspected of serial burglary, robbery and rape.

Stanley Vernell Ledbetter Jr., who had been living in Plano with his girlfriend, was arrested Thursday and has been charged with two counts of aggravated sexual assault – one in Dallas and a second in Irving. Authorities say more charges are expected.

Stanley Vernell Ledbetter Jr. Police officials publicly identified Mr. Ledbetter, 30, as the suspect Monday after DNA tests over the weekend connected him to seven of the 19 cases that police have said they believe are the work of the attacker labeled the "shotgun bandit."

"I would say he's one of the more violent serial rapists that we've had," said Dallas police Lt. Sally Lannom, a member of the seven-city task force that had been looking for the attacker. "You know, when you consider that he shot his victims, he stabbed his victims, that's pretty horrific."
So Miss Priss, do you really think that laughing at this goblin's penis would have done any of these women any good?

One of the violent cases occurred in June 2005 when two roommates woke up to find a man in their Dallas apartment. When they told him that they didn't have any money, he put one in the bathroom and raped the other, then had the women switch places, according to the affidavit.

DNA was taken from evidence at the scene, starting a profile for the man.

A similar attack occurred in November 2005 against a Dallas woman. At gunpoint, a man forced her to drive to three ATMs to remove cash, then took her back home and raped her, according to the police report. The man left a shotgun shell belt holding 15 shells at her home. DNA was taken from the buckle of that belt, according to the affidavit.

In the last attack officially connected to this attacker, a man broke into a Frisco woman's apartment in April 2007, forced her to perform a sex act on him, bound her hands, put duct tape on her mouth and a pillowcase on her face. He then stabbed her three times in the abdomen.

She played dead and was trying to get to the front door when the man saw her and stabbed her two more times. But she survived and gave Frisco police information to create a composite sketch.
Laughter? I much prefer what a victim of this goblin had to offer:
"If someone were to break into my home again, they wouldn't find someone pulling the covers up and screaming. They would find a gun pointed at them," said Smith.

Smith says she knows the serial rapist could strike again. She wants to warn other women not to let their guard down.
Laughter, or a 9mm. Decision, decisions...


Just John said...

While I hated to give the site a hit, and a referral from your blog, I went ahead and read the article...what a complete farce.

"country marked by the highest crime rate in the world" -Who is she trying to fool?

I hope that the author of that piece gives up drugs, or huffing paint, or whatever is affecting her brain...she's doomed to a life of idiocy if she doesn't.

Fits said...

Back when Ted Bundy was finally collared in Florida...and executed not 20 miles from us...he time and again said that the women he stalked were all given terrible advice on how to prevent violence upon their persons. Most colleges and universities are liberal entities that preach submission and compliance. In other words, the best way to get dead quick.

One doesn't need to be an Einstein to figure out why he and those like him didn't look for victims at any of the local ranges.

Kurt '45superman' Hofmann said...

I found the site that our disarmer was quoting without attribution--A-Human-Right.com.

By the way, finding something like that is pretty easy--just copy a quoted sentence or two, and paste it into a Google search, and voilà.