Sunday, January 04, 2009

A Colt Auction

Colt Python 'Walking Tall' Special Edition Revolver

Greg Martin Auctions presents the "Fine and Collectible Arms, Sporting Guns and Knives" auction at the Riviera Hotel & Casino on Sunday, January 18th.

This auction is:

Featuring the Colt Factory Archive Collection and a private collection from a northern California gentleman including the Colt Single Action Army Revolver Serial Number 1.
One of the fine firearms on the block is the Colt Python "Walking Tall" Special Edition Revolver shown above and here.

Colt Python 'Walking Tall' Special Edition Revolver

The estimate on the above is $900 to $1200.

If you are a Colt fan, you need to browse this auction catalog which includes over 400 firearms from the Colt Archive Collection. Estimates range from a couple hundred dollars up to near half a million dollars, so there is something for everyone.

Update: Thought I should add a couple of images of the Serial No. 1 Colt Single Action Army Revolver

Serial no. 1. 6-shot fluted cylinder, 7 1/2-inch barrel with slanted barrel address, "+ Colt's Pt. FAA. Mfg. Co., Hartford, Ct. U.S.A. +" on top of barrel. Left side of frame with two-line patent marking, "-Pat. July. 25.1871-/-Pat. July. 2. 1872.-" Serial no. 1 stamped on bottom of frame, on triggerguard strap, buttstrap, bottom of breech of barrel, and in ink on grips inside cutout for backstrap. K inspector initial on back of cylinder. 8 on inside curve of loading gate. Pinched top strap forming rear sight, German silver front sight blade. Round ejector rod head, with bulbous contour to loading gate. Blued finish, with case-hardened frame and hammer. Varnished walnut grips.
To learn more about The Serial No. 1 Colt Single Action Army Revolver, go here.

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Haji said...

What a nice collection! THere are several there that I would love to have, but those aren't the ones within my budget. LOL! The serial #1 Colt Single Action Army...I didn't think I'd ever see a photo of the actual #1 gun, much less see it at auction again in my lifetime. How much can I scrape together selling plasma?