Thursday, January 15, 2009

Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance

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By Michael Gaddy

Individual ownership of a firearm no more qualifies the owner to protect themselves and their property and defend the rights granted by their creator than individual ownership of a cowboy hat qualifies the owner for the National Finals Rodeo.

Responsible ownership of a firearm requires not only adequate training in its use, but also a mental mindset capable of formulating and implementing a plan should that tool ever be required. Irresponsible use of a firearm often provides opponents of the right to keep and bear arms a useful weapon, especially considering their willing accomplices in the congress and the media...
Responsible firearms ownership is the backbone of the gun rights community. Responsible firearms owners are well versed in the safe and efficient operation of their firearms. The above column covers a few other areas in which responsible firearm owners should become proficient.

H/T to David.

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Bob said...

I used to see that one in the Navy a lot, with the addition of another "P" word, piss, placed in front of "poor."