Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Still Anxiously Awaiting...

...the introduction of major firearms bills in the Texas State Legislature.

I keep checking the new bills filed with the Texas Legislature to see if any new firearm related legislation has been introduced. I am really anxious to see how the bill to authorize concealed carry on state funded college campuses is worded. I am also anxious to find out what form of a parking lot bill will be introduced and supported by the Texas State Rifle Association and the NRA. I had a few misgivings about the parking lot bill supported by the TSRA during the last legislative session and sincerely hope that they have changed their stance on this issue.

While there were not firearm related bills filed today, there was one filed that motorcyclist will appreciate:

Senator John Carona (Republican, SD 16) has introduced SB 506, Relating to the operation and movement of motorcycles during periods of traffic congestion. This bill would allow motorcycles to split lanes when traffic is backed up.


alan said...

I've not seen anything on the open carry bill either.

Anonymous said...

Nice bike law. Makes a whole lot of sense.

Did I mention that I ride my bike to work a whole lot? :)

Charles Cotton, who runs the TexasCHL forums, might be able to give you more insight on pending legislation, he's been working directly with TSRA on it.

Member NRA, TSRA.

John R said...

alan; We may have to wait until the next legislative session to get serious debate on an open carry bill.

Dock; You are correct Dock, Charles does have all the details. He (and they) are not going to spill the beans before the bills are introduced.