Monday, January 19, 2009

A Day at the Home and Garden Show

The past weekend V and I went to the Fort Worth Home and Garden Show. The guy who owned our home before us thought he was much handier than he really was and I am still fixing his "improvements". One of his major projects was the addition of a Master Bedroom on the back of the house. V and I have already done a lot of work on the interior of this space, but now it is time to fix the exterior. He used the cheapest siding possible and did not install it properly so now it is rotting off of the house. V and I were at the home and garden show to see if there were any new siding products that might be interesting. We have pretty much decided to go with the James Hardie Fiber Cement Siding, but wanted to look around and see if anyone could change our minds. They couldn't, so Hardie Board it is.

I'm talking about the home show because this is the one time that I was really kicking myself for not bringing a camera to a home and garden show. Why did I need a camera at the home and garden show? And why is that blog worthy? Because this motorcycle, and the images on their website do not do it justice.

The Second Amendment Motorcycle

Top of the Gas Tank

The chrome pipes were engraved by master firearms engraver D.W. Harris.

This is one beautiful motorcycle and every detail has something to do with firearms and the Second Amendment.

This motorcycle is owned by Jim Brown, who just happens to also own Brown Service Company, a Dallas/Fort Worth HVAC and electrical company. They had a good presence at the show and a very professional web site. They are family owned and have been in business since 1952. Seems like a good company to call for your air conditioning and electrical needs.

Another reason to go to the home and garden show was to pick up our supply of Joy Peppers. These are absolutely the best peppers on the market. Joy Peppers are canned bread and butter style with results in a sweet/hot pepper that is... well... a joy to eat. I have had to call Joy on her cell twice in the past to special order more jars for large get togethers when we found we were running low at the last minute.

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