Thursday, January 08, 2009

From the TSRA Weekly Sportsman

The Texas State Rifle Association (TSRA) has begun publishing a weekly email newsletter, The TSRA Weekly Sportsman. It is very well done.

Back in the issue dated November 26, the TSRA pointed us to a NewsMax article on Eric Holder, "Eric Holder Was a Gun Control Nightmare". Again, in the December 3rd issue, the TSRA links to "Eric Holder on Firearms Policy", commentary by David Kopel. On December 17th the issue linked to Put a Hold on Holder's Nomination and stated:

A conservative senator would be a true American hero if he or she would put a hold on -- i.e., threaten to filibuster -- the nomination of Eric Holder to be the next attorney general. Senators should explore Holder’s views on the right to bear arms and the Elian Gonzales raid before they consent to his appointment.
Not quite a call to action from the masses, but more than most other gun rights organizations have done.

Along with the political, The TSRA Weekly Sportsman points out excellent columns on hunting and general firearms issues such as "The Evolution of the Modern Semi-Automatic" and "This Year, Give Her a Gun for Christmas".

This week they made me smile with the comment that they made leading up to the article "Fear of the Dark":

Metal gods Iron Maiden summed up the way many of us feel when we are awakened in the middle of the night. An instinctive, primal, fear of the dark seems to affect us all to varying degrees. The best way to confront this fear is to eliminate it through technology, no matter what your shrink says. Thankfully, many of us already own the most important item needed to make the dark fear us, an AR-15.
The TSRA Weekly Sportsman is a nice weekly round up of news articles and columns that you may not have found anywhere else. I find it worthwhile.

To subscribe, just head on over here and scroll down the left hand side of the page. To read past issues, go here.

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