Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Answering the Door

Home invasions continue make the news in the Metroplex. The goblins seem to be getting bolder every day.

From the Star Telegram:

ARLINGTON -- One man was stabbed and his two partners are at large after a home invasion went wrong for them Monday evening, police said.

Police Lt. Blake Miller said a man in his later teens or early 20s knocked on a door in the 2500 block of San Diego Drive about 7 p.m., saying his car broke down and that he needed a jump for his battery.
Just like a goblin to use the good will of his intended victim to gain advantage.
Miller said the man who answered the door turned to ask his son to get the jumper cables when in walked two other young men, one with a shotgun.

The dad grabbed the man with the gun and they struggled. Meanwhile, his son pulled a knife and stabbed the invader.
Now that deserves a "Good job son".
The stabbing caused the would-be robber to drop the gun, so all three fled with the dad, now armed with the shotgun, in hot pursuit through the south Arlington neighborhood, Miller said...

...Miller said the dad, realizing that running through the neighborhood with a shotgun might cause someone to shoot him, dropped the gun and went home.
It is a sad commentary on society today, but for your families sake, don't answer the door without being prepared to defend your life.

A video intercom (see an example here) might be a wise investment for a home security system.

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GreatBeefalo said...

I live in Irving. I used to not keep a LOADED gun around, but when my truck was nearly stolen it changed my mind rather quickly :(

I hope I never have to use it. Good thing the man in the article's son knows what to do in situations like that.