Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The New York Times Allowing Comments

The New York Times is allowing comments on it's Times Topics blog dealing with Virginia Tech and gun control issues. We have the opportunity to respond to the likes of Josh Horwitz, the executive director of the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence.

We will not change the mind of a Josh Horwitz, but with reasonable argument, we can win over the fence sitters.

Head on over, speak your mind, and do us all proud.


JT said...

Posted in response to Ada Meloy's "What Campus Police Think" item:

"While these arguments have a rough, frontier logic about them, the reality is allowing such weapons on campus would be counterproductive and, in many cases, dangerous."

Can you please clarify for us why allowing law-abiding, licensed handgun owners to carry their self-defense tools on one side of the street that happens to encircle a college campus would be counterproductive and dangerous, when that same licensed citizen can productively and safely carry his handgun into a mall, grocery store, or restaurant on the other side of that street? Is there any data from studies that points to an increase in danger?

Can you point out for us some feature or quirk about activity on a college campus that isn't replicated in other local establishments that would somehow point to an increase in danger, should those individuals we trust to carry handguns in those other establishments attempt to carry their handguns on campus?

If so, then by all means let's discuss that feature of campus life. If not, then you're not really arguing against concealed carry on campus, you're arguing against concealed carry everywhere, and we can discuss that instead.

All we're asking is that the law-abiding licensed owners who we trust enough to carry handguns are treated equally, whether they're on a city street, in a park, at a restaurant, or on a college campus.

JT said...
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John R said...

Very well done jt