Wednesday, April 30, 2008

We Need to Educate a Senator

Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison is one of my favorite politicians. As a Senator, she is head and shoulders above the three we have competing to become President of the United States. She is a bit soft on illegal immigration and put her foot in it with her amendment to the Department of Homeland Security 2008 budget (her rebuttal is here). The deed of Senator Hutchison's that bothers me the most occurred in a very unlikely venue.

Senator Hutchison joined with fifty-four other senators, 250 representatives, and Vice President Cheney to submit an amicus brief in favor of Heller in the SCOTUS DC v Heller case. That is what I would expect my representative to do, support an individual right to keep and bear arms. So kudos to the Senator. Where we part company is what she said during a presentation before the Heritage Foundation on DC v Heller and the Congressional Amicus Brief . You can watch the presentation here. Senator Hutchison's unfortunate comments start at 34:52 into the video. A reporter from the Dallas Morning News asked the Senators on the stage about their positions on the Assault Weapons Ban. Senator Hutchison's response started with, "I support the Assault Weapons Ban..." If that were not bad enough, she goes on to compare an owner of an EBR with someone who shouts "fire" in a movie theatre. Very disappointing.

The reason I bring all this up is because I had a chance to listen to Senator Hutchison on Rush as I headed out to grab my lunch. She reminded me of why I liked her so much. Her common sense approach to issues like high fuel and food prices, nuclear power and our energy supplies in general is spot on. There are many issues that we agree upon, she is against the Trans-Texas Corridor, an issue that is very big here in Texas. She is rumored to be planning a run for Governor of Texas during the next election cycle. She will be running against the most pro-gun Governor in modern Texas history, and he opinion on an AWB will not go over very well with the gun owners of Texas.

So... we need to educate Senator Hutchison on the error of her ways. She will be speaking at NRA annual meeting's Celebration of American Values Leadership Forum. Hopefully I will get the opportunity to spend a moment with her to talk about this very issue. If you would please, contact the Senator and educate her on the facts about the failure of the AWB to prevent even one violent crime. I would appreciate it.

Also, if someone could grab the last portion of that video where they are talking about the AWB, that would be helpful.


H/T to Armed and Safe for the link to the Heritage Foundation video.


JT said...

Went all-out with this one: emailed, snail-mailed, FAXed and posted to my blog.

John R said...

jt - That was one very well written letter.