Saturday, April 12, 2008

Day at the Gun Show

This weekends North Texas Gun Show is the Dallas Market Hall Gun Show. It is arguably the best gun show in N. Texas, and one of the best in the country. This show is promoted by the Dallas Arms Collectors Association.

I got off work at 10:00, and was walking in the door of the gun show by 10:30. The place was busy. Lots of people, but enough room in the isles to keep it from feeling too crowded.

One of the highlights of the show was the dealer selling Dakota Arms rifles. All I can say is "oh my". Those are some fine, fine firearms. The folks offering the Dakota Arms rifles were Gulf Breeze Firearms, up from Florida.

Lots of EBR's and EBR accessories. The Assault Weapon Ban had the unintended consequence of creating a demand for black rifles. The flexibility of the platform is what has made them so popular and brought them into the mainstream of the American firearm culture. These rifles can easily be personalized to the nth degree. You could spend anywhere from $35 to $350 on the butt stock alone. Sighting systems go from $30 to well over $800. Add the options for hand guards, grips, lights and lasers and the possibilities are limitless. I built a MixMaster Dissipator. Carbine length barrel, rifle length sight radius. It has a 4 position collapsible stock and a Harris bi-pod. Pretty basic carbine, and that is the way I like it. Pretty much any accessory you might want for your AR, AK or M-1 was available at the show. One vendor was even selling kits to make your 10/22 accept AR accessories.

Evolution 10-22 replacement stock system

Also at the show was one vendor who could come in handy for lots of folks. There was a gentleman from Wisconsin who had a very nice inventory of antique and obsolete gun sights. I have his card if anyone needs to get a hold of him.

So what did I end up with?

1 Lee Progressive 1000 press in .45ACP, 1 case of .45ACP ammo and a bit of .308.

The evening has been spent setting up the press and smoking some baby backs in the pit. Now the Stars are playing. Their winning this playoff game will cap a nice Texas Saturday.

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That Evo is nice!

More 10-22 Accessory Options here.

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