Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Dallas Stars Hockey

The Dallas Stars

The Stars made it through the first round, handily dispatching last years Stanley Cup Champions (the Anaheim Ducks) in six games. The Stars have had a hard time getting through the first round of late, and fans across the Metroplex breathed a huge sigh of relief after last Sunday's exciting come from behind win.

Playoff hockey is the best hockey. The players are putting in that extra effort, finishing their checks with attitude, blocking shots and getting that puck down the ice. This year we are in for a treat. The Western Conference match ups from here on out are going to be hard fought and exciting games. The Avs vs. the Red Wings and the Stars vs. the Sharks, now that is some serious hockey.

What the heck, I didn't need any sleep for the next few weeks anyways.

The Eastern Conference? They are just playing for the right to be the lamb led to slaughter during the Stanley Cup Final.

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