Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Goblin Captured

The goblin who fired into into the children's birthday party has been apprehended.

From the Star Telegram:

By Deanna Boyd

FORT WORTH -- The man suspected of shooting into a birthday party Sunday night, killing two people and injuring four others, was arrested Tuesday afternoon after leading police on a short chase.

Erick Daniel "Truman" Davila, 21, was arrested on a capital murder warrant at the Hidden Valley Estates in the 800 block of Heights Drive in the Woodhaven neighborhood.
A quick arrest and one goblin is off the streets. It is pretty much a given that the prosecution will go for the needle in this case. In my way of thinking, the needle is an easy way out for the one who fired into a kids birthday party.

Maybe he didn't know there were kids there?

The shooting occurred Sunday night at an apartment in the 5700 block of Anderson Street in southeast Fort Worth.

About a dozen children were outside the apartment when someone fired 11 shots in their direction. After everyone rushed into the apartment, the bullets began flying again, whizzing through the window as the adults frantically tried to account for everybody and determine who had been shot, said Talisha Stevenson, who was at the party.
There went that excuse.

Kudos to the Fort Worth Police Department for getting this goblin off of our streets quickly.

There is one question thought, what are the odds that this is not his first run in with the police, or his first violent act?

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