Wednesday, September 10, 2008

First Steps

Not long after the Harrold Independent School District announced their decision to allow trained and licensed staff to carry concealed handguns at work, I wrote Harrold Superintendent David Thweatt a quick note of encouragement:

Mr. Thweatt;

Thank you very much for taking a stand and becoming the first school district in decades that officially recognises the necessity adequately protecting our kids.

I am a blogger in Arlington and I have been covering your decision. All the comments that have come in on my blog, and others that I have read, are 100% supportive of your decision. In this day and age of the politically correct, you and your staff have stepped up to do what is right. I hope your decision will be an example for other school districts, small and large.

One question; do you have a policy that includes parents with CHL's? I only ask because when my children were in school, I had to make a choice between being lawful and being responsible..

Now that news of what you have done has broken world wide, I fear you face an avalanche of criticism. I just wanted to let you know that you have a very large base of supporters who are proud of what you have done.

Thank you and God Bless you and yours.

Superintendent Thweatt did respond to my note. I was not going to post his response, but with all the negative publicity this decision has received world wide, I asked for and received his permission to publish it here.


I wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know how much I appreciate your email and encouragement. It has meant a lot to have so many concerned citizens from across Texas and America contact me to let me know that we’re heading in the right direction. Obviously, I knew within my heart (and mind) that Harrold ISD was making the right decision, but it always helps to know that one small school district in Texas is not alone in its fight. I’ve been pretty busy with the media coverage, but I believe that it may be slowing down a bit. I have also come to believe the fight is just beginning. I want to encourage you to continue to contact your legislators so that laws will be enacted to ensure that every American will be able to practice his or her 2nd Amendment rights.

As of right now, John, our policy only covers those who are approved by the school board.

God bless America and God bless you,

David Thweatt
Harrold ISD
Now, before anyone gets their knickers in a knot about the fact that "... our policy only covers those who are approved by the school board", I have to mention that I agree with the school boards decision on this issue.

The Harrold ISD has made a very important and brave decision in our fight to secure our right to keep and bear arms. The Brady Bunch has called the legality of this decision into question, and I am sure that early on into the next legislative session there will be those looking to put a stop to these free citizens responsible choice to protect those who we have entrusted to their care.

It makes sense, at this moment in time, to require school board authorization for an individual to carry on school premises. As this is Texas, and we are talking about Texas law here, it is already legal for a CHL holder to carry in school owned parking lots and on school owned sidewalks (in most circumstances). A CHL holder is not prohibited from carrying a firearm when dropping off or picking up a student at school.

The Harrold ISD has taken the first step. It is now up to the Texas Legislature to go forward with legislation that would allow all CHL holders to carry a concealed firearm on their person on school property, or any property for that matter. There will be legislation introduced to allow concealed carry on state funded college campuses during the next legislative session, that is a nice start.


Unknown said...

I have wanted to send an email to him as well to give him words of kudos but could not find the to share?


John R said...

Here ya go Anthony:

david (dot) thweatt (at)

Anonymous said...

Here's the number is anyone wants to call and thank the superintendent and the school school board for a decision to help keep the children safe. "Now where have we heard that before".

Harrold Independent School District
PO Box 400
Harrold, TX 76364