Monday, September 29, 2008

No Bailout!

Well, not at the moment.

The 132 Republicans and 92 Democrats who voted against the will of the Administration and Party Leadership deserve our thanks. Yes the Market tanked, as should be expected , but we now have a chance to figure out a much better way to resolve this crises. I am a believer in "Efficient Markets" and understand that the artificially inflated housing prices and shoddy lending practices have put us in a position where a free market type correction is going to be very painful. But I also understand that the .gov had a very large hand in creating this crises, and turning our financial markets over to the .gov will, in the long run, be even more painful.

This crisis was caused by greed, ineptitude and .gov intervention in the free markets. This crises was caused by people, people with names and faces. These people should be in stocks, literal or figurative. All the country, heck the entire world should see the faces of those responsible.

This crime is deserving of a bit of tar and feathers at the very least. Instead of public humiliation, the ones responsible for getting us into this mess are the same ones demanding our money to get us out of it.

Conspicuous in their absence are the demands for hearings on what caused this in the first place. Congress demands hearings if a baseball player uses steroids, but not this?

To quote an Engineer off of my submarine. The first words out of his mouth if there was an incident were "Who can we hang"?



Rustmeister said...

Start with Barney Frank and the various other Dems who make their appearance on the YouTube video floating around.

Frances Clements said...

Excellent post.

Anonymous said...