Tuesday, September 02, 2008

More Gun Fearing Hysteria

The gun fearing hysteria over the decision by the Harrold ISD that allows CHL holding staff and administrators to carry their firearms on school grounds continues. Today's hysterical quote comes to us from the Sheriff of Tate County Mississippi, Sheriff Brad Lance.

From The Democrat.com (where Tate County meets the world):

By Melissa Turner

Tate County Sheriff Brad Lance joins the chorus of those who think that teachers with guns isn't good policy.

"Any time you have a gun in a situation, chaos ensues," says Lance.
Wow Sheriff, are you speaking from personal experience? Does chaos ensue everywhere you carry your firearm?

Sherriff Lance continues with this oldie but goodie:

"What happens if a teacher is in an altercation with a student, and the teacher has the gun on their person, and the student gets the gun away from the teacher? Now they have a deadly weapon."
Gee Sherriff, what happens if one of your deputies is in an altercation with a violent criminal, and your deputy has a gun on their person, and the violent criminal gets the gun away from the deputy? What happens then? Why, the violent criminal has a deadly weapon!

Sherriff Lance, since you believe that the mere presence of a firearm causes chaos, and that guns are easily taken away from the "good guys", maybe you should help to ensure the safety of the folks in your county by disarming and requiring your deputies to also disarm while they go about their daily duties. Do it for the children.

Update: David also comments on Sherriff Lance with "We're the Only Ones Chaotic Enough"


Cowtown Cop said...

Nothing makes me chuckle like a top level police administrator saying stupid stuff to a reporter. I guess Sherrif Lance can guarantee the safety of each and every person in his county so there is no need for those nasty, chaos causing guns.

Frances Clements said...

That sort of logic from a cop is funny. Does he want to go back to the days in Britain when the cops only carried billy clubs? Oh, brother!