Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Reinstated as One of Dallas' Finest?

Here is one for David Codrea's "Only One" files.

From the Dallas Morning News "Dallas City Hall" Blog.

Senior Cpl. Rene Dominguez, who Dallas Police Chief David Kunkle fired in March for allegedly offering to buy a woman a bus ticket in exchange for sex, will again walk among the ranks of Dallas' finest.

Dallas' Civil Service Trial Board this afternoon ruled that Mr. Dominguez, who appealed his firing to the board, be "reinstated without back pay to the assignment, rank and pay grade of the chief's choosing -- effective today."
Yep, sounds like Mr. Dominguez is just the type of guy we want in uniform, carrying a taxpayer issued firearm (or two, maybe even three), protecting and serving.

What were the members of this Civil Service Trial Board thinking?

Well maybe they do have the situation under control:

The Civil Service Board further stated in its ruling that Mr. Dominguez is "not eligible for off-duty work unless agreed to by the chief in his sole discretion."
Yep that's the ticket. It was the off duty job that caused this goblin in uniform to "misbehave". Tell him he can't have an off duty job and the public is safe from his advanced.

Me... I'm kind of worried about his "on duty" behaviour.

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GeorgeH said...

If the chief has any smarts, Dominguez will be the only cop on foot patrol on I-35