Monday, September 08, 2008

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Posted in it's entirety: model Lori, who is a proud resident of Texas, has negotiated us an incredible offer on a billboard in Houston!

With everything else we have going on, we were initially hesitant to even talk about taking on the obligation of yet another billboard. But we feel strongly that spreading the word into Houston would significantly increase the number of signatures on the petition and consequently improve our chances in the legislative session.

We also hate to ask for more money. So many of our members are on a fixed income and yet you give so generously. You have already helped us so much ... the billboard is up on I-35 ... the taxis are rolling in Austin ... flyers are being handed out at gunshows all over Texas.

I couldn't say it better than to quote what I read posted by someone on another forum, "Anyone can post on a website, but the members over at are manifesting things in the real world! Wow!!!"

I also do not want to sound like another group we all belong to that makes constant pleas for money (we all get them and you know who I am talking about). But there is a major difference. Every penny given to OCDO goes directly to the effort with NO OVERHEAD and not only are Mike and I unpaid, but we put our own money into the pot as well.

So what do you say Can we all donate just a few more dollars and spread the message to Houston?

Thank you!

John and Mike

PS. For those who have been hit by this difficult economy and who are unable to help at this time, we understand completely. your thoughts and prayers are as welcome as dollars!
The last time I mentioned the petition for Open Carry in Texas, there were 4995 signatures, today there are 24,104 signatures. If you live in Texas, and you support Open Carry, please head on over and sign the petition. If you have signed the petition and would like to do more, a financial contribution, as noted above, is more than welcome.

This is the current billboard:

Texas Open Carry Billboard

As you can see, it is very well done.

At the Fort Worth gun show from the weekend before last, I had the opportunity to speak briefly with Texas State Senator Kim Brimer. Senator Brimer represents Senate District 10, and is my representative in Austin. I asked his opinion on the decision by Harrold ISD to allow it's CHL holding staff and administration to carry firearms on school property, and about potential firearm related legislation for the next session. When I asked if he would support legislation that would allow open carry in Texas, he said that he would like to see such a measure pass a public referendum. I asked if he was talking about having open carry on the ballot for the people of Texas to vote on whether or not to allow open carry, he said yes. He had to leave so I did not get to follow up on this line of reasoning. I have emailed his campaign requesting a longer interview, but have yet to hear back from them.

I am against placing the issue of open carry on the ballot. We do not vote for basic rights, it is the job of our legislators to see that our rights are upheld, and when they are restricted, to remove those restrictions.

Hopefully I will get more time with the Senator to follow up on this and other questions that popped up from our short conversation that should be resolved before I comment on them.

Back to "A Right Unexercised is a Right Lost" Support our right to openly carry a handgun in the State of Texas.

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TexasFred said...

The wife and I both signed it the day you posted it I think...

Open carry is a great idea in my opinion, concealed is great too but I look at this from a law enforcement officers perspective, I'd a lot rather KNOW the guy has a gun than to have to wonder..

And, an armed society is a polite society!