Tuesday, September 09, 2008

More Stupidity in New Jersey

New Jersey has some of the most restrictive gun laws in the nation. Get a carry permit in NJ? Not very likely. These kind of laws do disarm the innocent, but not all of the innocent. There are those who have decided that they are responsible for their own safety, and take this responsibility seriously.

Let's play a "what if" game.

What if one of those folks were a teacher in New Jersey?

A group of teachers in New Jersey were meeting in a school library when suddenly a man with a gun bursts in and starts shooting! Turns out, it's all a drill and the gun doesn't have any bullets, just blanks, but the teachers don't know that!

A teacher says "he opened the door. He stood there. He yelled some profanities threw some papers and fired a gun!"

The PA system kept repeating that the Phillipsburg, New Jersey Early Learning Center was in lockdown and the 50 teachers meeting in the library tried to talk cover under the kid-sized tables.

Teacher Arlene Levine says "people are crying! The girl next to me is trembling and shaking! You heard people crying! You heard other people praying! It was pretty dramatic!"

For those teachers the trauma that caused some to dial 911 was real the gunman as it turns out was not.
An unannounced active shooter drill, and the active shooter was firing blanks? They ran the drill to see how the teachers would react, to make sure they "got under the desks"?

What a load of crap. Whoever thought up this drill should be fired. Whoever gave the final okay for this drill should be fired. The guy playing the active shooter, well he is lucky to still be alive and he also should be fired.


Anonymous said...

I know of one school district that won't pull that inane garbage- Harrold ISD.

This is should be spread far and wide. Everyone who counts on the unarmed teachers rushing a shooter should have to read this and imagine their kids in that school.

Anonymous said...

You may send a nice e-mail to Superintendent George Chando to let him know how big of a gobbling he is to the traumatized children of his school district.


Anonymous said...

Teachers and anyone else present need to sue the district for this stupid drill. Not only for the obvious emo distress and years of PTSD, but hearing damage. Yep, you heard me right. If they play their cards right, the teachers could end up owning the district!

Something similar happened in 2004 in Schuyler Nebraska. The chief of police wanted to test the emergency repsponse system of the town, and staged a gunman situation at the quickie mart. The manager on duty sued, and the chief was fired.

Ride Fast said...

[..] New Jersey tests suicide by teacher system [..]

Who ever authorized these idiots and their boss should be fired, too.