Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Senator Cruz at the Senate Judiciary Committee Hearing on Guns

In case you missed it, here is Senator Ted Cruz in the Senate Judiciary Committee Hearing on Guns.

Senator Cruz is making me very proud of the fact that I did financially support his campaign, and vote to make him our newest Texas Senator.


AndyWas said...

Sen. Cruz is great. Proud to have him.
His problem is that he argues facts and logic, not emotion. The opponents care less about the logical solution, they must do what seems best in their heart. He can talk facts until he is blue in the face, it is a pointless exercise. Sad but true.

John R said...

We need someone to effectively use facts and logic to counter the Anti's BS that they are flinging against the wall. We have people like Suzanna Hupp to couple facts with emotion and change fence sitters hearts.