Tuesday, September 25, 2007

A Bit of Irony in NJ

An interesting video of an assassination attempt on a NJ corrections officer can be found here.

The officer had a concealed firearm, and was able to protect himself by killing the goblin.

Note the irony. This incident occurred just three days after the brutal murder of three college students behind a near by school.

In NJ, the officer has the opportunity to protect himself, the college kids did not.

The officer survived his attack, the college kids did not.

I guess that in NJ, an officer's life is much more valuable that yours or mine. Why else would we be denied the same right to self defense that an off duty officer enjoys?

Thanks to Tony for the video.


Fits said...

In Jersey, there are far more civvies than police thus making them expendable.

Seriously though, Jersey is yet another of those states that have allowed the crime problem to get so out of hand they do not deem it possible to let every Tom Dick and Harry pack heat. The politicos live in a constant state of fear.Fear that their constituency would shrink to nothingness if the law abiding were allowed to defend themselves.

PN NJ said...

NJ gun control is a half-assed solution to the reality of high murder rates in Newark, Camden, Trenton, etc. Unfortunately, because NJ is a highly urbanized state (with many urban voters), big city "solutions" are being imposed on all state residents.

Since NJ is basically a one party state, NJ politicians have been able to sell gun control for many years without being challenged. However, with the growth of the internet (and e-mail access to newspaper reporters), skeptics now have a much better ability to dispute the assumptions and results of such policies.

I don't know if NJ carry laws will ever be relaxed, but I remain somewhat optimistic about the overall regulatory situation.