Saturday, September 22, 2007

Day at the Range

Cross Timbers IDPA has worked with our range to start running IDPA style carbine matches every 5th Saturday of the month. September is the first month with five Saturdays since all the details were worked out, so this will be our first month holding this match. I just so happen to have a carbine, and it sounds like fun, so I have signed up to shoot the match next weekend. This is something new for most of us, so we had a bit of pre-match safety training today.

Today's instructor was Steve Moses of Bluff Dale Firearms Academy. Steve did a great job of working with us and getting us prepared to have a safe and enjoyable match. I really appreciate the fact that Steve did this training for free, and am impressed with his dedication to safety and his teaching style.

I was the only one out there with a Dissipator style AR. There was one SP1, and one SBR'd Armalite. The rest were carbines that ranged from the very basic to the Super Tacti-Kool. It will be interesting to see how everyone holds up during a match. Today there was one double feed (the SBR), and the most Super Tacti-Kool rifle on the range had a very hard time running at all. During the very last drill my trigger pin walked out and I could not fire, that issue has been resolved and will not occur again.

After the training, I went over to the 100/200 yard range to run some more ammo through the AR (If I'm gonna have to clean it, might as well make sure it is good and dirty) and try out my Grandson's new .22. All and all a good day at the range, and it looks like we will have a good group of folks shooting in the carbine matches.

Get home, clean guns, remedy trigger pin problem, then head out to the lake for a barbeque. It has been a busy day. Not bad for the last day of Summer.


Bryan Woodman said...

Question - Does the SKS count as a carbine?? Thanks, answer to below.

B Woodman

JR said...

In the rules for these matches, yes.

3. Any legal configuration of rifle or carbine is allowed.

See the Cross Timbers IDPA website for more details.