Thursday, September 06, 2007

Things That Make an Electrician Go - Oh Chit

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That is a 600 amp switch in the main gear for Plant 2. Note the high end of the recorded temperature is 422°F. That is a bit excessive.

Guess what I will be doing at 0200? The utility is on tap to disconnect us, a new switch was flown up from Houston, and my contractor is ready to go.

I was planning on loading up a couple hundred rounds for shooting on Saturday, that will have to wait until tomorrow.

I did get a double batch of tortilla soup made for V's office lunch tomorrow, so all is not lost.

Maybe I'll bring my infrared camera out to the range on Saturday, it will be interesting to see the hot spots on a couple firearms.

Update: Here it is, 0315, and Oncor has decided to not show up. It seems that the service department that was scheduled to perform the outage determined that they needed a supervisory review prior to disconnecting us, this review can only be done during "normal working hours", so we are SOL. When I scheduled the outage I empathised the fact that it was an emergency, gave them my cell number in the event of a problem, and was assured that they would be here by 0200 to disconnect us. We pay close to a million dollars a year for electricity, you would think that they would try a bit harder to keep us happy.

Update, once again: I have been assured, by pretty much everyone, that we are good to go for 0200, Saturday morning.

Schedule for Saturday -

0100: Arrive at work to prepare for outage.

0600: Drive to Tiger Valley for V's Women's Pistol Course (and my free time in one of their reactive target bays). I may need to hit the rack early tonight.

Finally: It is 0430 on a Saturday morning. The job is completed and all is well at the plant. I even have some time to do some reading before I wake V and head out to Tiger Valley.


Anonymous said...

I take it that's 3-phase. Don't know if it's A-B-C or vice versa, but looks like some load balancing needs to occur.

John R said...

The loads are ballanced, there is a problem with the bucket.

A = 294 amps
B = 296 amps
C = 288 amps

Anonymous said...