Monday, September 10, 2007

The VietNam Memorial has Been Defaced!

An Oily Liquid Sprayed the Length of The Wall

First I listen to a Quisling Democrat belittle Four Star Gen. David Petraeus before he even has a chance to offer his report to the legislature, then I find out that some sleaze ball little accidental compilation of monkey sperm and a horses ass has damaged the Vietnam Memorial. This is unacceptable. The VietNam Memorial is one of our most sacred shrines and whoever did this deserves all that he (or she) will receive when caught. You know these pantie wastes can not help but brag on an exploit like this, and they will be caught.

The VietNam Memorial has been defaced.

I repeat… The Wall has been defaced

More pictures here.

H/T to Sondra K.

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Daniel said...

I literally learned about this vandalism only five minutes ago. If someone has a geniune beef with the Bush administration's policy on Iraq, don't take it out on our beloved Vietnam dead.

If this be vandalism, I hope the perpetrator is found and brought to justice. Disgusting.