Monday, September 17, 2007

Blackwater Update

From Bloomberg TV:

By Ken Fireman and Robin Stringer

Response Defended

Tyrrell said the incident began when the motorcade ``took fire from various directions'' as it passed through a heavily trafficked area.

She said Blackwater personnel guarding the convoy responded with small-arms fire, shooting only at those who were attacking the motorcade. She said at least one Blackwater helicopter arrived on the scene and circled the area, yet didn't open fire.

``We responded well within the rules of engagement to protect our people,'' Tyrrell said. ``And we protected them and then we got out. They did their jobs defending American life.''
I know that this is a bit off topic for A Keyboard and a .45, but I find the use of civilian contractors such as Blackwater in Iraq interesting. I am not at all sure of the full scale of Blackwater involvement other than armed security for civilians, and wonder at the implications of their use.

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