Friday, September 14, 2007

Campus Trash

There are times when I read an article that makes me wonder just where we went wrong as a country, why our children think as they do. This is one such article:

From The Daily Campus: (University of Connecticut)

By Chris Donnelly

If there is one thing anyone can be sure of in this country, it is that Americans love guns. Not a day goes by when you don't see a fine American citizen killing some poor, defenseless person/animal with a .50 caliber hand cannon on television, or you hear about some random act of violence (a bank robbery, a homicide, or a crazed postal worker) which involves a gun in some respect. Therefore, being a proponent of living in general, I think it's about time we as a country threw in the towel when it comes to the whole "I'm from America, and I have a God-given right to kill and spread carnage whenever I feel like it" gig and adopt a platform of life.

Nothing is more ironic than your average conservative Republican who vehemently cares about not using a couple of cells for stem cell research (that just get thrown out anyways) and claims that they care about life, but yet they have a large enough arsenal in their cellar to single-handedly occupy Paris (for purely hunting purposes only, mind you). If we are going to take this approach as a country, then every time I get a nose bleed I better call an ambulance to save the thousands of cells from dying.

The simple fact is that guns serve no tangible purpose anymore. The main reason why we created the whole Second Amendment was something along the lines of protecting ourselves back in the 1700s from the people we stole our land from; aka Native Americans, who, in my book, we should still be paying reparations to as an apology for the numerous instances of rape, theft and murder that occurred at the hands of 'true' Americans. Oh, and we can never forget the necessity of a firearm to protect your log cabin from being invaded by bears.

But wait, if we stopped having guns and if we even took it to the level of decreasing our military arsenal as well, it would be much harder for us to start wars, the classic American past time. Forget baseball, nothing makes a real American man happier than a beer in one hand, the controls to a flat screen LCD TV in the other, and the latest front line report from Fox News in front of him, fresh with depictions of carnage and massed destruction brought to you live from some country in the Middle East that we can't (or don't bother to learn to) pronounce anyways.
This diatribe is not even worth fisking, it is just trash. This kid goes on for another page of nonsense, but you get the picture from what I posted. This kid has absolutely no concept of history, responsibility, or life outside academia. The perfect liberal politician in training.

Was this a letter to the editor, printed to maintain some sort of political equilibrium in an otherwise decent newspaper? I am afraid not:

Staff Columnist Chris Donnelly is a 5th-semester sociology and political science double major.
This was written by a paid columnist for this college paper.

One has to wonder if this is the way Chris was raised, or has he gone all loopy since he left home?


Anonymous said...

"5th-semester sociology and political science double major."

Doesn't this answer your question?

Fits said...

Shame we have to even pay attention to these braindead weasels, but the last time we let them be, we awoke with gun control laws to beat all. Sometimes it does seem like all we do is keep them at bay as best we can, and it makes me want the DC gun ban thats going before the Supreme Court to be over and done with so we can get back to being men again and stop worrying about every bloody child with a word processor and access to some sort of mainstream medium.

Anonymous said...

The responses to Mr. Donnelly's rant are of far more value than his 5 semester's of so-called education.

John R said...

You are right anon, the responses are worth the read.

Anonymous said...

"5th-semester sociology and political science double major."

Good grief, how has he even gotten that far academically and learned so little? His views are not just misinformed, they're juvenile in their simplicity.