Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Guns, Baby, Guns

An interesting read by Erik Rush on World Net Daily:

Am I suggesting law-abiding Americans violate standing firearms laws? Well, no; I am just asking the question: When does our right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness outweigh totalitarian-leaning weapons laws and the politically correct concern for perpetrators' civil rights? When will that which is morally right and in the best interest of America and its citizens force reformation of our firearms laws? After all, miscegenation, the male-only vote, slavery and Jim Crow were once "the law of the land."
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I was a bit surprised to find this article on the main page of the TSRA

Speaking of the TSRA, if you are a Texas gun owner, you need to be a member of the TSRA. To join the Texas State Rifle Association, click here. If you tell them I sent you, James Dark (the Executive Director) would owe me a beer at the next Lone Star Friends of NRA Banquet.

Hopefully enough of you will sign up to make it prudent of me to get a hotel room for the evening.


Anonymous said...

Good question. At what point do you lose too much power to reform from within the corrupt legal system and begin preparing to push reform from outside of it.

Seems the time is nearing.

One comment about the WND article. The author focuses almost exclusively on the Muslim boogeymen. What about the very real and far more likely threats from the ATF, and to a lesser degree, the FBI?

The ATF killed those people in the intial raid as a publicity stunt before the following weeks appropriations process. They killed Americans as a stunt to garner more funding to..... What the hell do they do but encroach on our freedoms and kill us?

For anyone who hasn't seen the DVD 'Waco: The Rules of Engagement' check it out. It is almost entirely footage and congressional testimony. All of it proof of the ATF and FBI's intent to murder that church and paint them as fringe lunatics threatening us. After watching that footage you'll realize who really threatens you.

Hyunchback said...

Isn't there an easier way to get a Dark beer? I mean, c'mon. They sell Shiner Bock at every gas station!

Just kidding. I would tell them you sent me but I signed up many months ago when I learned I was a Texan to be.

What I'm surprised at, some, is the lack of a non-NRA affiliate group. In Colorado the CSSA was the NRA state affiliate. Rocky Mountain Gun Owners was a more militant group.

I tend to think that one needs both a militant group and a "moderate" group. This gives the moderate group leverage in political negotiations. "You know, we are only looking for Open Carry. Those guys want everyone to be able to carry concealed or open, anytime, anywhere."

I still spend the bulk of my political dollars on the NRA and the local state affiliate but also feed the radicals.