Sunday, September 02, 2007

Duncan Hunter Runs Away With Texas Straw Poll.

Good for Representative Hunter. Duncan Hunter, is in my mind, our best choice in the Republican Primaries. He is the only candidate who responded to my request for an interview (you can read the full interview here), and I really like his history and current stand on illegal immigration and the war. I am a bit disappointed in the fact that he has not been able to get his name out there. Many folks still do not know the name Duncan Hunter, not a good sign for a presidential candidate.


By Mary Katharine Ham

Duncan Hunter doubled the totals of the next-closest candidate, garnering 534 of approximately 1,400 votes cast. Fred Thompson came in second with 266 votes, and Paul rounded out the top three with 217 votes.

Here are all the results:
Duncan Hunter: 534
Fred Thompson: 266
Ron Paul: 217
Mike Huckabee: 83
Rudy Giuliani: 78
Mitt Romney: 61
Ray McKinney: 28
John Cox: 10
John McCain: 8
Sam Brownback: 6
Tom Tancredo: 6
Hugh Cort: 3
Perhaps this will give Duncan Hunter some much needed visibility.


Aakash said...

Congratulations to Congressman Duncan Hunter (R-CA), for this solid victory. Congratulations also to the Congressman for getting Nathan Tabor's support, and getting him on board his campaign. Mr. Hunter clearly knows talent and skill, when he sees it!

D. Martyn Lloyd-Morgan said...


Thanks for posting this about Duncan Hunter.

When Mr. Hunter first announced his candidacy in South Carolina earlier in the year, I threw my support behind him, hoping that in time he would gain the attention, name recognition, and funds to mount a competitive campaign.

So far this has not happened, I am sorry to say.

But there is no doubt that he is a good man, a man of integrity, a man who supports gun rights, border security, fair trade, low taxes, and strong defense.

I'm happy to see that he's got a big win under his belt. Way to go, Texas!

The Liberty Sphere

LibertyPlease said...

I was at the Straw Poll in Ft. Worth and attended Ron Paul's reception the night before. Dr. Paul gave a terrific speech about reinstituting liberty in our country, wish he had won this straw poll. Fun anecdote, there were items auctioned off as a fundraiser, including a Henry lever-action rifle. The woman who donated the arm carried it around the room before the auction (where she directly transferred it to the winner). I can't imagine many other candidates would have the sense to trust the Americans in the room. Would imagine they'd freak out at just the sight of the rifle. Good for Ron Paul.