Monday, September 17, 2007

Fred Thompson On MEET THE FITS

Fits over at Shooting the Messenger had the opportunity to speak briefly with Fred Thompson and ask a few good questions about his views on our Right to Keep and Bear Arms.

Make sure you read the comments, they are worth much more than the price of admission.

At the moment I am still working out in my mind who to support. I really like Duncan Hunter, but the press simply refuses to give him any air time. When he stood up for General Petraeus against the Dem's, there was nary a mention by the 10:00 talking heads. Fred Thompson, on the other hand, has the star appeal that gets his every move covered by the media. He already stands head and shoulders above the "top three" RINO's on the platform, and if he continues supporting Federalist ideals, then he would be someone I could stand behind.

The exciting part about these two candidates is the fact that I have two quality candidates to choose from. There is no "choosing the lesser evil" between these two.

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