Thursday, September 27, 2007

Let Us Suppose...

Let us suppose, just for a moment, that you or I were out and about at 0200, driving down a major thruway when we were cut off by some idiot in an SUV. Would we get irritated? Sure, maybe even quite angry at the jerk who needs a lesson or two in how to drive.

Now, let's say that we got really angry, angry enough to chase this guy through stop lights, catch up to him in an apartment complex, and fire three rounds at the passenger as he ran away. To make this story even more interesting, we smell of alcohol.

What would happen to you or I, in such a situation? Think about it for a second, where would we be right now if one of us did something like that?

Well, if we happen to be a Pasadena Texas police officer, we get 18 months probation for a Class A misdemeanor, a $400 fine, are required to attend anger management classes, do community service and undergo random urine tests.

Zero jail time, a minor slap on the wrist and off he goes.

Some of us animals must be much more equal than others.

Was this an isolated incident, a fluke, not evidence of a problem with the Pasadena police department?
Kacz is at least the fourth Pasadena officer prosecuted criminally since last year. His conviction comes at a time when Pasadena officers Jason W. Buckaloo and Christopher S. Jones are under investigation for their role in the July 21 homicide of Pedro Gonzales Jr.
Guess not.

Read the whole story here.

Thanks to Ryan for the link.

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ExistingThing said...

We're the only ones getting-drunk-and-shooting-at-you enough...