Thursday, October 18, 2007

Afternoon at the Range

After work yesterday I headed out to the range and met up with a couple of guys off of one of the gun boards. They were interested in checking out the range, and I was interested in shooting so off we went. Any excuse to head out to the range is a good one.

Between the three of us, we had our very own little Evil Black Rifle convention. My Mixmaster Dissipator looked a little plain next to a heavy barrel varmint rig with a Leupold scope, or the carbines with EOTech's and other optics. I can pass on the glass for my AR, but after firing the varmint rifle with the nice trigger, a new trigger may be in order.

As far as pistols go, there were several 1911's and 1911 style pistols and a couple of Glocks. I finally got to shoot a Glock 21. I did not like the sights on that pistol at all. For some reason I had a hard time focusing on the front sight, and it took too much thinking to get good groups. I also had the opportunity to shoot a couple of magazines through a Glock 17. Now that one I enjoyed. Good sights, excellent trigger reset, and accurate. Basically tore one ragged hole out of the center of my target at 15 yards shooting as fast I could get the sights back on target. That was a fun gun to shoot.

The sun was starting to set when we made it over to the 200 yard range, so did not get enough time at that distance. This just means we have a good excuse for another mid-week trip.

Now you know why there was no post last night. Too busy shooting, then the Stars were on when I got home.


Justin Buist said...

The sights on a Glock 21 and 17 should be the same. Was one of the sets an aftermarket design?

Stock Glock sights are a "bucket" in the back with a single dot on the front post.

John R said...

The sights on the 17 were older (dots not so white) and seemed to have smaller dots.