Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Patience pays in Hooters license fight

A local Hooters Restaurant has won a major legal battle. Good for Hooters, not so good for customers.

One of the Ladies at the S. Arlington Hooters

From the Star Telegram:

By Cynthia Neff

ARLINGTON -- Patrons of Hooters were greeted with good and bad news Monday: The southwest Arlington restaurant finally won its liquor license but will no longer be giving away beer.
That's the rub of it, no more free beer at Hooters.

The restaurant has given away approximately $2,200,000 (400,000 beers) while working through the courts to get their license.

The restaurant, at Interstate 20 and Little Road, has faced opposition to obtaining a permit to serve alcohol since before it opened in 2002. A local group called the Partnership for Community Values has argued that the restaurant uses sex appeal to sell food and merchandise and objected to its proximity to Martin High School, churches and residential areas.
While this group held up the license to sell beer, Hooters has been giving away two free beers with each meal, not a bad deal and quite the unintended consequence for the Partnership for Community Values.


Anonymous said...

Good for Hooters! I never really cared for their establishment, but I'm more inclined to patronize their business now.

Fletch said...

Quite a creative way to thumb their noses at opposition while developing a solid customer base.

The law of unintended consequences; the one law you can't repeal.