Thursday, October 18, 2007

Better Late Than Never

I take a day off from blogging to hit the range then watch the Stars win with V, and a local story makes national news.

So here I am, a day late and a dollar short posting an update on "Two Out of Three... ", my commentary on a Dallas business owner who shot, and killed, two separate burglars in a three week time period. Following each incident, the Dallas police confiscated Mr. Walton's shotgun as is routine procedure in cases like this. While Mr. Walton was out shopping for a new shotgun, he was ambushed by Fox 4 news reporter Rebecca Aguilar.

If you have not yet seen it, here is the interview. You need to watch it before continuing on:

Edit: It seems that Youtube has pulled the video. You can see it on Liveleak here.

I hope that interview angers you as much as it did me.

D Magazine's blog, "Front Burner", has some great commentary in the post "Rebecca Aguilar Misses the Target on Shooting Story".

Here is a man who protected his house and place of business from goblins, not just once, but twice, and this low rent "authorized journalist" has the audacity to ask him is he is "a trigger happy kind of person?" Where does she get off with her holier than thou attitude with this senior citizen, this veteran, this man who was forced to make a life or death decision?

Not only is Mz Aguilar an "authorized journalist", she is an award winning journalist. She recently has been chosen by the National Association of Hispanic Journalists to receive one of the group’s 2007 ñ Broadcast Journalist of the Year awards. She received the award for:

...her “sound and consistent reporting that gives voices to people who usually don’t have voices on the air,” adding that her work showed she was “capable of separating yourself from the stories while maintaining integrity and credibility” brought together with strong writing, good delivery and good use of sound bites and natural sound.”
What a load of crud. On top of being cruel and heartless, her "on the spot" interview with Mr. Walton was amateurish and sloppy. She did okay when she was just a talking head reading the teleprompter. Maybe she would be good at producing books on tape for ESL students. That is one potential opportunity for her as she considers new employment. It seems that the uproar created by her lack of professionalism has affected her employment status.

From the Dallas Observer:

It does not quite make up for what she did, but it is good to see that she is getting a lesson in the fact that a persons actions do have consequences.

Also commenting:

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Vinnie said...

OK, let me get this straight. This man has shot 2 people in the last couple of weeks and just bought a new shotgun. then this idiot gets in his face?

And they say I am slow.

Kurt '45superman' Hofmann said...

I would love to call Aguilar's behavior "unbelievable," but sadly, it's almost par for the course.

I can at least call it both disgusting and evil.

Anonymous said...

JR--I'll like to know how many of your readers called or e-mail the TV station blasting Rebecca on her behavior to Mr Walton. I e-mail Rebecca and the station to voice my complaint.

Anonymous said...

I submitted a comment about Rebecca's wholly unprofessional behavior on the Fox station's web site on Thursday.