Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The Crime Lobby

Over on Fit's site, Shooting The Messenger, TJH left a comment on a post that is worth highlighting. The post commented on a NY Daily News article "Outrage grows as bullets fly in city and children are hit". Fits did his usual straight forward job of pointing out where the politicians continue to ignore facts and blame inanimate objects and the law abiding. In the comments, TJH defined the "Crime Lobby".

The Crime Lobby:

Just remember that the Crime Lobby includes nearly every disarmer out there. For those that wonder who is part of the Crime Lobby, it's anyone that holds these views:

* The people may not defend their lives, their family's lives or their property, but instead must surrender

* That no one may use a weapon (any weapon!) to defend life, limb or property

* That a citizen's privilege to defend his life, body or property varies depending on his location

* ...but, a criminal carries with him all his rights, and also equivalent rights to your property while he is in or on your private property, (otherwise you'd be justified in defending it!)

* That every convicted criminal should be incarcerated for less than the current average for his crime; that probation is preferable to confinement

* That there are no amount of convictions of any crime that warrant a long incarceration

* That the job of the police is to implement whatever faddish social or environmental agenda is on the books

* That the law books should be flooded with worthless legislation restricting pistol magazine capacity or cell phone use, because those crimes are so much more important than theft, assault, forcible rape, arson, burglary, armed robbery and murder.
The Crime Lobby, they have a name, they can be identified and defeated.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks, JR. I've only had time this past weekend to catch up on all my blog reading.

I'm just getting tired of being party to the accused when none of us have a damn thing to do the crimes. It occurred to me that the disarmament crowd is also consistent in that at every chance they attempt to create other conditions favorable to crime.

So when someone asks me if I'm "pro-gun", I will say: I'm pro-liberty and anti-crime. How about you?