Friday, October 19, 2007

The Mexican Consulate Offers to Help

In an earlier post, Good Job to Irving Texas, I commented on the cities policy of screening the immigration status of anyone who is arrested and turning illegals over to ICE. The police are not doing anything other than their job. If an individual is arrested, their immigration/citizenship status is verified. The Irving Police Department is not going out and looking for illegals, but are properly turning over to the federal .gov those they find during routine traffic stops and criminal investigations.

At the time of that post, Irving had identified almost 1400 illegals and turned them over to Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials. Needless to say, the usual folks who support the invasion of the United States by illegal immigrants were up in arms. They were marching in the streets and protesting left, right and sideways. They feel that it is not fair for police to arrest people who are driving without drivers licenses or other forms of proper ID. Heck, they think it is okay for these illegals to be driving on our streets with our licensing or insurance. Those minor laws are just not applicable to illegals, the should have "special" status.

The Mexican Consulate has an idea, they are going to help remedy this situation.

From the Star Telegram:

By Patrick McGee

Yep, you did read that correctly. Instead of assisting us with returning Mexican citizens to their home country, they want to issue ID cards to illegals so they do not get arrested during routine traffic stops.
DALLAS -- The Mexican Consulate wants to send mobile units to Irving to issue identification cards to illegal immigrants to try to save them from arrest and deportation...

Mexico's matricular card

...Urrea said he wants to send consulate officials to Irving to issue ID cards directly to Mexicans living there. No schedule or location has been chosen.

"If they have the card, their chances of not being arrested would improve dramatically," he said. Police can arrest motorists for not having a driver's license or issue a citation if the person's other identification appears valid.

Gears said the consular ID card might prevent the arrest of people whom police need to identify, but it will not exempt them from arrest for any other crime.
They have absolutely no shame at all.

I can think of an easy assignment for a couple of ICE agents with a camera and couple of hours.

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Anonymous said...

They will still get arrested for operating a vehicle with no license id or no id, then turned over to ice for deportation