Saturday, October 20, 2007

Ambush Reporter Update

In the comments section of my post "Better Late Than Never", concerning the verbal assault of Mr. Walton by Fox 4 News reporter Rebecca Aguilar, tony3dogs wondered how many readers of this blog attempted to contact Fox 4 and/or Ms Aguilar to express their thoughts about about what happened.

I know that a couple of folks who read this blog on occasion have left voice and emails for Ms Aguilar and various members of the Fox 4 News staff. Response has pretty much been non existent.

There is one response that has been attributed to Ms Aguilar posted on My Fox DFW. If you read her response, after watching the video, you will find her to be a bit fuzzy with the truth.

I do know that Fox 4 received one heck of a response to this interview, that Ms Aguilar has been suspended "indefinitely", and that more internal disciplinary action may follow for others involved with airing this piece.

Ms Aguilar does have her supporters. Remember the National Association of Hispanic Journalists? If not, they are the ones who awarded Ms Aguilar with ""Broadcast Journalist of the Year". NAHJ has written the Fox 4 News Station Manager requesting that Ms Aguilar be reinstated.

NAHJ wrote the station manager late Thursday urging that Rebecca Aguilar be reinstated "for the sake of good journalism and maintaining your newscasts' credibility in the local community and national journalism community."...

...NAHJ disagreed. "What she did was obtain an exclusive interview for your station in a professional manner. This is far from the 'ambush' that has been portrayed in the blogosphere," Rafael Olmeda, NAHJ president, wrote to Kathy Saunders, vice president and general manager of the station.

"Her suspension certainly mystifies us. The only explanation we can think of is that the news director, Maria Barrs, let herself be unduly influenced by the emails being received at the station from a certain segment of the viewers who apparently have other agendas and not journalism principles as their main concern.
This "journalist" has yet to be fired. Granted, her suspension will most likely end with her leaving the station, but she should be terminated. Fox 4 had been very proactive in getting video and images from this interview removed from sites that have posted them. They can be just as proactive in getting rid of this yellow journalist and making things right for Mr. Walton.

Speaking of making things right for Mr. Walton. I have his address if you would like to send him a note of support, or even a few boxes of quality shotgun ammunition. I'll be stopping by next week to say "Hi" and see if there is anything he may need.

An interesting aside. Fox 4 usually has a "Viewers Views" segment during the 9:00 newscast. That segment has also been suspended indefinitely.


the pistolero said...

"Far from the ambush that has been portrayed"?! What PLANET are these people living on? What was captured on that camera spoke for itself, at least it did to those of us who aren't members of an organization seemingly designed to promote the interests of a certain group of people only because of their ethnicity.

Hyunchback said...

I know I wrote to the station demanding that she be fired. I consider her actions to not only be unethical but outright racist.

Of course to members of the media only white people can be guilty of racism so I doubt they listened to me.

Anonymous said...

Seems NAHJ is not concerned about promoting 'hispanic journalists,' but rather 'any hispanic person'.

Because that was not journalism.

I spent some time in the journalism department in college, and at a city paper, and there is no question at all that Ms Aguilar's piece was unprofessional, editorial, and without merit.

Shame on NAHJ for promoting such sleeze just because the perpetrator is hispanic.