Tuesday, October 02, 2007

This is One Goblin That Needs Killing

The Supreme Court of The United States has agreed to consider whether a method of execution, lethal injection, is cruel and unusual punishment.

In some cases, I would argue that lethal injection is not nearly cruel enough. This is such a case.

Travis County seeks death penalty for Selwyn Davis in killing of Regina Lara.

By Patrick George , Claire Osborn

What has this goblin done to deserve a painful death? More than enough.

Selwyn P. Davis, 25, made a chilling confession during his interview with Austin police, according to videotape played on Monday, the first day of his capital murder trial.

"I killed her. And I ain't glad I did it, but I did it because she deserved it," Davis said in the video, in which police asked him about the death of his girlfriend's mother, 57-year-old Regina Lara. "I left the knife at the house, didn't I? You gonna find the prints."

Davis is accused of killing Lara on Aug. 22, 2006, at her apartment on 38½ Street.
He murdered his girlfriends mother. If proven guilty, that in and of itself would be grounds for the death penalty, but that is not the extent of his evil.

According to court documents, Lara's killing was part of a two-day crime spree during which Davis broke his ex-girlfriend's jaw, sliced his uncle with a knife and sexually assaulted a teenager.
The brief details.

Shortly before the killing, Davis beat Martinez so badly that she was hospitalized with a broken jaw and a crushed eye socket, she testified. She told the court: "He said if I left him, he'd kill my mom."

Davis also is accused of raping a teenager at Lara's home shortly before Lara was killed. "He said, 'If you cry, I will beat you up,' " the girl testified. "He told me, 'Now, you're gonna have my baby.' "
This goblin has absolutely no remorse for his actions, and feels he has done nothing wrong. What possible benefit to society would be gained by allowing him to live out his full life behind bars?

There is none.

It is a blessing that we live in a society in which folks have the luxury of being able to look for causes such as abolishing the death penalty to champion. There are many places in this world where the fight to stay alive takes priority over everything else. The fact that we do have this luxury should not blind us to the fact that goblins are amongst us, and these goblins deserve to be put down when caught and convicted.


Fits said...

Total sociopaths deserve but one punishment. I do happen to agree that lethal injection is inhumane, because I'm sure the relatives of the deceased would love to watch him squirm on the end of a rope rather than simply doze off never to awaken.

Anonymous said...

If we could ensure that only the guilty are executed, such as this guy, I'd be 100% pro-death-penalty. And I agree with fits, we should hang them.

However, the DA position is such a political one (motivated to get guilty verdicts, not justice), and there is so much corruption within our crime labs, medical examiners, etc, that we cannot be sure across the board.

Dallas opened it's DNA evidence up to Project Innocence and many death row inmates have been proven innocent. Houston destroys all DNA evidence as a matter of course so that can't happen (protects DA reputations/careers I'd imagine).

Because we certainly do kill innocent people from time to time, I can't support the death penalty.