Friday, October 05, 2007

Outdoors: Youngsters vs. targets

Long time readers of A Keyboard and a .45 know that daughter #3 was a 4H shooter. One of the most exciting events of her teen years was the State 4H match held in San Antonio. It is always a pleasure to pass along articles dealing with youth shooting sports in general, and the 4H in particular.

From the Star Tribune:

More than 700 young shooters -- some only 9 years old -- gathered Saturday at Beaverbrook Tri-County Sportsman's Club near Cedar, Minn., just north of the Twin Cities.

The event was the 2007 Minnesota 4-H Shooting Sports Wildlife Invitational. Kids from throughout Minnesota competed with air rifles, shotguns (trap), .22 rifles, bows, black powder firearms and air pistols.
That just has to warm your heart. 700 young shooters on the firing line and sharing a very special weekend together.

This is the king of news I like to see.

If you live in Texas, and are interested in the 4H shooting sports for your children, you can find information here. Outside of Texas you can find information at the national website here.

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