Thursday, October 25, 2007

More From Jodi Foster

You know, I really like Jodi Foster as an actress. I have enjoyed many of her movies, and was planning on going to see "The Brave One". Comments she made after the release of this movie ("I don't believe that any gun should be in the hand of a thinking, feeling, and breathing human being") convinced me that my money could be better spent elsewhere.

Now she is in Japan, continuing her twisted rhetoric about firearm ownership.

From the Daily Yomiuri Online:

By Ikuko Kitagawa

Jodie Foster, star of The Brave One, said it all at a recent Tokyo press conference when she summed up her latest suspense thriller, in which a desperate woman winds up as a vigilante gunning down criminals and outlaws while seeking revenge for the murder of her boyfriend.

"When you put a gun in your pocket, it changes everything. It changes how you walk, it changes how you see, it changes your confidence, it changes the experiences that you allow yourself to have. In some ways, that can be quite beautiful because it gives you this false sense of power...It's quite beautiful as she finds herself as a human being. She finds strength in herself," Foster said about the gun-wielding woman she portrays.

"And then of course the flip side is the monstrous side, because when you depend on the power of the gun...the consequences of that is that someone has to die.
Jodi, you have problems. There is something wrong in your head and you should see about getting it fixed. Allowing an inanimate object to control your emotions like that is just plain wrong. Please do not assume that rational human beings are as deranged as you seem to be. Millions of Americans own guns. The number of these gun owners who feel as you do are so insignificant at to be an statistical anomaly.

Stick to the script honey, leave real life to those of us who live it.


Fits said...

Why IS it that the people with alternate lifestyles seem forever to be the ones at the forefront of disliking America and its Constitution...

Anonymous said...

I'm with Fits, I don't understand it.

I do understand people with alternate lifestyles wanting more civil liberties, and I'm with them 100%. BUT, they are disproportionately in favor of limiting OTHER civil liberties. I stongly support their rights to marry whom they choose, but then have to argue why my human right to keep and bear arms (and theirs as well) should not be taken away!