Friday, March 07, 2008

David E. Young on DC v Heller

The City of Chicago has stepped into the fray of DC v Heller on the side of D.C. (who'd of guessed). David E. Young comments that "The brief filed by Chicago heavily emphasizes a historically impossible federalism purpose for the Second Amendment rather than a rights protecting purpose." He goes in to further detail with CHICAGO RE-WRITES U.S. BILL OF RIGHTS HISTORY and does a good job of explaining just how far off the mark Chicago is with this brief.

You can find more of Mr. Young's thoughts on his DC vs Heller Commentary Page. His arguments are well worth reading.

Also recommending Mr. Young's work is David over at The War on Guns.

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David Codrea said...

Anyone who has not read his "The Origin of the Second Amendment" is missing out on one of the most authoritative and comprehensive books available. It has been one of the most dog-eared and highlighted references in my bookcase.